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AVA Gifts Store Links Page

Toy Store

The easy-to-use Discount Toys & Games store. Shop here for thousands of Toys & Games from top manufacturers like Anne Geddes, Avalon Hill, Fischer-Price, Gundam Wing, Hedstrom, K'Nex, Lego, Mattel, Nintendo, Playskool, Radica, Spalding, Wilson, and more.

Gadget Store

The Discount Home Products store. Shop here for a large selection of Home Products from such gadgets as 2.4 GHz phones, alarm clocks, barometers, barbecue tools, furniture covers, hose holders, voice recorders, and more.

Book Store

Buy books here and make Rbookshop your online Bookshop!
Over 250,000 Books and Products Online and Available.

Tool Store

The Discount Tool store. Shop our tool store, for every tool you need. Big or small we have it all, from products like Screw Guns, Circular Saws, Chain Saws, Battery Chargers, Air Compressors, plus many more.

Baby Products

The easy-to-use Discount Baby Products store. Shop here for thousands of Baby Products from top manufacturers like Evenflo, Fisher-Price, Gerber, Safety 1st, Peg Perego, Mount Vernon Mills, Playtex, Kidsline, and more.

Auto Parts Store

The easy-to-use Discount Auto Parts store. Shop here for thousands of auto parts and tools to finish any automotive project.

Kitchen & Housewares Store

Featuring the most popular Kitchen & Housewares at discount prices! There are over 17,000 Kitchen & Housewares available for purchase in our store.


The Discount Cameras store. Shop here for a large selection of Discount Cameras from top manufacturers like Advantix, Argus, Bushnell, Canon, Epson, Yashica, Vivitar, Sharp, UMAX, Quantaray, and more.

Discount Magazines

The easy-to-use Discount Magazines store. Shop here for thousands of Magazines from top publishers like Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Time, Forbes, and more.

Discount Jewelry Store

An extensive list of Discount Jewelry for the connoisseur with the most discriminating tastes.  Shop with us for stunning Gold and Silver Jewelry, brilliant Diamonds, tasteful Pearl Necklaces, and stunning Rings sure to make a statement on any individuals hand.  With our large inventory in an easy-to-use format, we're sure that your shopping experience will be as wonderful as the items we sell.

Computer Store

The Computer Equipment store. Shop here for a large selection of the best Computer Equipment from top manufacturers like 3Com, Logitech, Western Digital, Kingston, and more.


Music CD Store

Music Munchers is your number one stop for Music CD's. With over 100,000 titles in all genres from Classical to Heavy Metal in our immense CD catalog, our selection is second-to-none, all at Music Munchers.

Software Store

The easy-to-use Discount Software Products store. Shop here for thousands of Software Products from top manufacturers like Microsoft, Adobe, Learning Company, Cisco, Computer Associates, Macmillan Publishing, Sierra, Disney Interactive, and more.

Video Game Store

The easy-to-use Discount Video Games store. Shop here for thousands of Video Games from top manufacturers like Acclaim, Activision, Electronic Arts, Infogrames, Midway Home Entertainment, Sierra Online, and more.

Designer Gift Store

Shop here for thousands of Designer Gifts including Fine Watches, Jewelry, Designer Pens, Designer Sunglasses, Designer Handbags, Perfumes, Clocks, and more.

Medical Books

Shop here for thousands of Medical Books from top manufacturers like Medical Books, McGraw-Hill Professional, Mosby, and more.

Sports Logo Gear

Featuring the most popular Sports Logo gear at discount prices! There are over  19,000 Sports items available for purchase in our store.

Electronics Store

The Online Discount Electronics Store. We have Electronics from the top manufacturers. Find all of your favorite Electronics products here. We feature all of our Electronics items in easy-to-use web pages. This makes it easy to find the best deals on the Electronics products you want. We hope you enjoy our store!

Industrial Tool Store

We feature the most popular Tools & Accessories at discount prices! There are over 22,000 Tools & Accessories available for purchase in our store.


Instrument Supplies Warehouse

Here you will find a large selection of name brand Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Band Instruments, Recording Gear, Books, and more related products and merchandise. Choose from top manufacturers like Gibson, Fender, Midiman, Roland, Ibanez, and Yamaha. We also sell Amps, Mixers, and Accessories, from Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, Mackie, Ashdown, Euphonic, Warwick, and Crate. Here you will find discounts of up to 50% on Fine Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Drums, Books, Band Equipment, and Accessories.


Christmas Shopping Store

Visit XMasGiftShopping for all of your christmas shopping needs. For last minute gifts, or to cover your entire shopping list, see us.




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